Jan. 8th, 2010

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Further to the previous post re the Fishers Tours Public Inquiry into service delivery issues, the operator wishes to point out an error in the transcript of the PI. It was 42 journeys, not 42 services, that were monitored. 42 would include the school runs (30 Scottish Express and 19 school runs), which warranted only this brief mention -

“58. I have no evidence of any adverse matters in relation to the operator’s school contract registered services and these should be unaffected by this decision. All are within Dundee and Angus.”

i.e. the problem was specifically with the services outlined. I had taken the information from the press release/transcript as verbatim, but what they said would certainly make more sense, especially when contrasting with this quote.
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Well, it's been a quieter two days than I was expecting. Yesterday, made it as far as the station at Royston, and got a phone call from the person I'd be working with, saying not to come in. (She'd been initally unable to get through the weather!) This was then followed with a call to work where I was supposed to be today, and their current bad weather plans include working from home and local staff, so I wasn't to go in today either. Yesterday, I had a quick trip into town, and it was more or less deserted.

It's been an odd one. I'm taking amitritypline to counter the perking effects of the steroids,but finding they are making me more tired during the day – like they did before – and upset, plus my tummy joined in too. Never mind, now relaxing after a bath!

I'm typing this out on the new Acer mini netbook, as the PowerMacG4 was refusing to boot up at all yesterday. Seems that they both did the same conking out overnight – Caroline suspects it was a power surge...

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... that I got my phone handset back today by post (Nokia 5000). I had not been using the back-up MX1 (not MXI as I typed last time) but it was a little too basic for my needs. I had to enter each letter of a message indvidually, then delete the space it put in after each letter automatically, then move to the next letter,etc. Never mind, I've got a spare if the Nokia ever has to go back for repair, and it kept me in touch in the meantime. Some parts of the Nokia have been replaced, and a software update has apparently been done.


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