Jan. 10th, 2010

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It's been an interesting weekend. I'd planned to go out yesterday to Stevenage, and we stopped for lunch first at Harvester once more. After this, we stopped at Hobbycraft. This time I was interested in a paper cutter, and it is a replacement for the one I've got that is now going blunt, and does not have cutting grids on it, so I felt good about buying a replacement – even at half price! Also bought some other bits and pieces, before getting back in the car.

From there, proceeded via Knebworth and Woolmer Green before going back onto the A1(M) for a junction or so, and coming off at the top end of Hatfield. From there, onto Hatfield Railway Station, where a semi-intentional stop resulted in the snapping of a uno Solo on the 608 (see the snowy pictures here). From there, on via Hatfield Business Park and Parkhouse to The Galleria. Nothing purchased in the relocated Paper Mill Shop (having spent a bit in Hobbycraft!) but we did stop at Julian Graves (more beans for the Jelly Bean machine) before stopping at The Body Shop, to pick up a little something. The last time I was there, I purchased an annual Love Your Body discount card (already saved the cost of it back!), which also entitles a £5 gift in the month of your birthday. So, got a nice body butter, shower cream, body scrub and lily gift set, in Moringa. Originally £12, down to £7. 10% off with card, £6.30. Deduct £5 for birthday gift, pay £1.30. ;-)


Today, we went to The Temeraire, the Wetherspoon's pub in Saffron Walden. We both had a nice meal/brunch. As we left, I spotted that they are doing a special Burns Week menu in a few weeks time – I think Caroline would like to return then!

The snow is largely melted, and the roads are mostly clear. The snow is now coming down again, but it is very light, and not lying.

On an aside, I was upset again last night. Maybe tiredness, maybe wearing off the amitriptyline (I did not have any for a few nights). For something relativity little, I'm confused as to why my mind is doing this. Never mind, weather permitting I've got three days/nights out this week, at least two next. Just two, but that will be made up by the special plans we have for this weekend!


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