Jan. 27th, 2010

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Further to my previous post on Tuesday...

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It's been a busy two days - ish. Wind back to Monday evening, and I noticed that there was an unidentified beeping. Tuesday morning, and the USB hard drive has lost everything, except some trash stuff! Caroline did manage to recover a fair bit, although it's put all so many thousand files into the same directory! Will try and restore the previous setup once more.

In addition, yesterday was out to London for Switchboard in the day, before I returned back to Herts, and out to meet friends in Harston for the evening. Everyone was complaining about the cold last night, although it wasn't too bad in central London, but the further you got out... when we left The Queens Head in Harston, it was minus two.

Today, it's wet and cold out, and I am catching up with as much as I can! Facebook seems to have thrown several wobblers today - firstly, allowing me to add 1 of 2 friends, but not the second, and then not giving the name! Solved, at the sixth attempt...

...Doc called me while I was out. No further forward with the other referrals, but, other stuff was discussed. As a result of suggestions from [livejournal.com profile] elaine4queen, she has agreed to prescribe me zopiclone for "as and when" use i.e. only one or two scripts a year. She was going to prescribe me something else, although it would have conflicted with the fexofenadine. I think I'm getting more antibiotics, apparently she could hear my voice being different down the phone, and that was enough! (That, and I had them a few weeks back). Thanks Elaine!


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