Feb. 1st, 2010

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At the change of the year, I set myself some plans and priorities. So, now it is the end of the first month, I think it's time to look back at what I have achieved, as well as the areas needing more attention. I am not going to get worked up about it, but I'd like to look back each month, to see where the patterns lie etc. rather than just waiting until the end of the year.


Weight Management – I've not had a lot of time to look after this, what with tearing up and down the GN train line to/from London and Cambridge several times a week. I have, however, made some small steps. Having said that, I am rather happy at my weight going slightly down. It was 131.3 kilos on Friday 1st January, and today, Monday 1st February, it is 130.8 kilos. I had not wanted it to increase further, and it looks like I might be turning the corner. I do, however, understand there is a long way to go.

Health – feeling positive a lot more than before, and made it through the holidays with no major upsets or arguments, which was an improvement. The meds may just be working for me, although as mentioned before, heartburn/reflux has been a problem, which is now well controlled. Still awaiting for further letter writing by my GP, who is doing wonderful work on our behalf. Today, however, I have received a “Choose and book” letter to book a gastroenterlogy referral, at Addenbrooke's (Cambridge), Saffron Walden Hospital or Lister Hospital (Stevenage). I was just thinking that it had been good that I had got through 2009 without any flare-ups with my asthma, however, I did have one on the 3rd January. Subsequent steroids and antibiotics seemed to clear the gunk, but it has returned, and I'm currently trying to get it away again. As we've been busy, we have not had much opportunity to continue the yogic breathing stuff we did before, although I intend to come back to it one of these months. I do intend to give myself some time to relax on days when I'm not working or out, and hopefully this will happen in the months that follow.


Getting Out & About – I had intended to get out of the house three times a week, most of the time. Aside from the aforementioned trip to Lister Hospital A&E on Sunday 3rd January, and accounting for the snow. I got out seven times by public transport in January, mostly to/from work, plus three days on my birthday weekend to/from and around Norfolk. We've also been out in the car six times in the month, so that has brought the tally up to 16 times out in 31. I have a number of trips planned for later in the year, and some for the more immediate future. I made up a “to do” list of bus routes I want to do, mostly in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. I've got the Herts list down potentially to just a couple for the year, but that depends on many things. If I can clear these, then so much the better. In London, there are a few routes that I'd like to do, but no formal list as such. Bedfordshire, did more of that last year, but plans also to do a few. Depends on money, health and weather. I will say that I met a lot of people recently, for the first time in ages, and quite a few for the first time.


Web work – My web resources continue as before, with hits growing. The reason for including this is that I intend to delegate some of the work from the Forums. I am currently working on a number of projects, so this may well be something for later. I am working on a number of ideas for Forum meets and days out, and members will hear first later this month. They will, however, be open to other friends, partners too, as they have always been.


Computing – let's not go there this month! Having said that, good trials of the netbook on days out, which I can see the potential. May well be able to do live posts of pictures etc. subject to signal availability, is that a good thing or bad thing?


Publications/books – the computing problems have deferred work on a number, but I am intending to have a few this year. Keep watching!

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Yesterday (Sunday) we went out to Harvester – I'm starting to enjoy the food, and C got a really nice lunch as well. In the evening, we watched Lost and Delirious, which was a fairly powerful movie! I was sure we had Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood, but we could not find it, so have requested this one next from LoveFilm.

Earlier on, I did a State of the Suzy, which I intend to do monthly. Even through only little effort, my weight is down by half-a-kilo. Does not seem like much, but I was more worried that, given everything, my weight would continue to rise substantially. I'm not that heavily built, but heavy enough.

Also mentioned in my State of the Suzy post was the fact that I'd got a letter to choose and book my own gastroenterology appointment via the NHS. The letter mentioned a choice of Saffron Walden Hospital, Addenbrooke's (Cambridge) or Lister Hospital (Stevenage). The website sounded easy enough, so I logged on after C went back to work after lunch. No appointments for any of the three of them were available! So, phoned them up, and my details have now been passed onto Addenbrooke's. In theory, I should hear within a fortnight, so I am hoping that I do. Two steps forward, one step back!

When the landlord came for their quarterly flat inspection on Thursday past, she asked me “Is everything working okay” and I mentioned the light switch between the lounge and the kitchen does not work, and has been baffling us! Well, the electrician called me up today on my mobile, and wanted to come round for a look at it – well done! It wasn't the bulb or the pendant, but a loose wire behind the switch plate.

Will be making dinner shortly!


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