Feb. 3rd, 2010

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Boris faces lookalike who tells him he is a hypocrite

London Mayor Boris Johnson faced a Boris Lookalike today and stood accused of hypocrisy over travel expenses.

The lookalike was at the centre of a demo outside City Hall this morning as angry staff protested to the Mayor over his plans to scrap the travel allowances on their season tickets.

Dozens of placard waving staff protested that he had spent £4,800 on cabs last year and was now planning to axe their allowance which allows them to claim back 75% of the cost of their season tickets.

The Mayor’s team of senior advisers claimed £17,000 in travel expenses while Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy was paid over £450,000 along with the use of an office car.

"It is frankly hypocritical for Boris and Peter Hendy to claim 100 per cent of their travel expenses while threatening to scrap the travel allowance of staff who are paid a pittance in relation to their vast salaries," said Manuel Cortes, deputy leader of the TSSA travel union.

"They should both get the brass neck of the year award for this brazen piece of bullying-telling staff that unless they accept a three year deal now they will lose the travel allowance."

The lobby took place outside City Hall as members of the TfL board met to consider the stand off with the white collar unions. Blue collar workers on London Underground have already accepted a two year inflation plus deal.

But Mr Cortes explained that by trying to impose a three year deal on the white collar staff, TfL would prevent them from financially benefiting in 2012 from the millions of Olympic vistors who will boost London’s transport finances.

"We want to be able to negotiate in 2012 and get recognition for the contribution our members will make to the success of the Games. Boris and Hendy are trying to lock us out from that."


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