Mar. 2nd, 2010

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I can now explain why I have had to be mystic Suzy here on LJ, for the last few weeks. I can now reveal that I have been offered (and accepted!)a paid job with a bus operator! I am working for Tiger Line Buses (part of Woottens, Lye Green, nr Chesham, Bucks) and my new job title of choice is Planning & Marketing Assistant. It's mostly working from home on a casual basis, but I'm already loving it. Feels really good to be asked!

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On Monday past (1st), my first Explorer of March - and no snow! It was also a chance to cross the Travel with Hunny Service 392 off the To-Do List! (Also found a rather nice stationery shop that I keep going past in Ware!)

Arriva Versa 2403 331 Royston Bus Station - Ware Town Hall
Arriva Trident 5446 310 Ware College - Hoddesdon, Clock Tower
Hunny BMC ending in XCL 392 Clock Tower - Rye Park
Hunny BMC ending in XCL 392 Rye Park - Harlow, Bus Station
S M Coaches Dart K714 KCU Harlow - Hertford Bus Stn
Arriva DAF 3832 331 Hertford Bus Stn - Ware, The Priory
Arriva Versa 2403 331 Ware, Amwell End - Royston, Old North Rd at Orchard Rd

Pictures from Monday, including a Centrebus Dennis Lance broke down at Hoddesdon, and building work at Harlow bus station, can be seen here.

Today, aside from my earlier announcement, it's been a busy day otherwise. Into London for Switchboard in the morning, before returning early afternoon!

Tomorrow... well... ;-)


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