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Posted : 16 March 2010 16:45

Spring changes to bus times

Timetable changes


Stagecoach have today, 16th March, confirmed details of changes to some bus routes that start on Sunday 4th April 2010.  This includes changes to buses on the Cambridge citi network, and some minor changes to buses in the Ely and Newmarket areas.

In Cambridge, there are some changes to timetables on citi 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 including a change of route in the Cherry Hinton area on 1 and 2.  Planned reductions last November to frequency on citi 2 and citi 7 are no longer taking place, with both routes continuing to run up to every 10 minutes. 

Citi 5 will take over route 15, running every hour through to Longstanton, Willingham, Over, Swavesey, Fen Drayton, Fenstanton and St Ives.  Buses on route 15A and 15B are replaced by route 91 and 95.

Comments from customers using buses on our route 10, 11, 12 and X9 have lead to some retiming of journeys at busy times.  We’re also making some changes to route 13 following close monitoring of passenger loadings in the early afternoon peak. 

citi 1 – timetable changes, plus buses will use Queen Ediths Way not Wulfstan Way
citi 2 – timetable changes, plus buses will use Wulfstan Way not Queen Ediths Way
citi 4 – timetable changes. New route B will now run between Orchard Park and the city centre every hour on evenings & Sundays
citi 5 – timetable changes, plus one bus each hour will replace existing route 15 extending to Willingham & St Ives
citi 6 – minor timetable changes, plus enhanced evening service as part of citi 5
citi 7 – changes to bus times from Duxford, Whittlesford, Pampisford and Saffron Walden.
9  – some timetable changes to morning and evening buses
10 – some timetable changes to morning and evening buses
11, 12 – some timetable changes to morning and evening buses
13 – some early afternoon X13 buses become 13, now serving Abington, Linton and Horseheath villages
15 – all daytime buses on this route become part of citi 5, some evening journeys continue numbered 15
18 – the 1645 journey from Drummer Street will pick up slightly earlier from Long Road Sixth Form College – buses will now leave the college at 1615
24 – we’ll be running an additional journey between Lynch Wood and Peterborough city centre at 0858
26 – on weekdays, the 0646 from Royston will run 20 minutes earlier throughout, plus some minor changes to other times.
37 – some evening journeys are withdrawn following reduced funding from Lincolnshire County Council
X7 – journeys will now serve Sutton village and Shire Hall/Bridge Street in both directions, plus timetable changes to both journeys.
X9 – some timetable changes to morning and evening buses
91 & 95 - college day buses, replacing routes 15A and 15B

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Constructors give talk on 'how to build busway'

CONSTRUCTION firm BAM Nuttall will hold a talk later this month called How to Build the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway.

The project’s construction manager John Ely will give a lecture at the Double Tree Hotel, in Milton Keynes, on March 30 at 6.30pm.

Adverts for the talk describe the busway as a “unique item of infrastructure built along a narrow, disused railway corridor” which required “a radical approach to how it was to be built”.

Mr Ely will give “an overview of the scheme before detailing the development of the construction plan with particular reference to the design and manufacture of the bespoke items of plant required.”

The talk has been organised by the Institution of Civil Engineers, which awarded Mr Ely its James Rennie Medal last year for his role in delivering the busway.

Cast.Iron chairman Tim Phillips said: “Noting the name that the presentation is called ‘How to build the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway’, it strikes me that any back-slapping is somewhat premature – unless, of course, the evening will use the current construction as an example of how not to build it.

“Brunel and others successfully worked out how to build a railway nearly 200 years ago and the process has been refined ever since.

“Why anyone should take the credit for such a technologically clumsy and backward system is beyond me.”
Yesterday Cambridgeshire County Council said there had been a breakthrough in the stand-off between the authority and BAM Nuttall.
Bosses had previously said the scheme was 'paralysed' because Bam Nuttall was refusing to recognise there were problems with the construction that needed to be fixed.
However, progress has now been made after a meeting between the parties.
It is hoped that a date for the opening of the busway will be announced in mid-April.
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Last nght, we had a clearout of the wardrobe, a large bag to take to the hospice shop! So I've now looked through, and I have enough clothes to last until... at least the end of the week! A new bag maybe, as my favourite one is looking a bit worn now. However, as the night started to draw in,  I started feeling bad. and shivering. Got to sleep but woke up around 3am. Went through to the study, to let C get some sleep. Finally back to sleep, after the first trains had passed. Slept till 1130 today when the post arrived, and now, I almost feel like nothing has happened. Brain to body, WTF?

Today has been busy.


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