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From Sunday 27th June 2010, National Express Dundee are making changes to various services. Full timetables can be had from or (although the school services are currently, as I type this, only on my site!)

Services 1, 1A, 1B, 1C – City Centre – St Marys or Craigowl View
Minor timetable changes throughout. The handful of peak 1C’s extended to/from Craigowl is now one in the morning, two in the early afternoon, but see revised 22 for alternatives. Service 1C will now serve all bus stops on route i.e. no longer non-stop from the back of the Wellgate Centre to/from Provost Road.

Service 1X – St Marys – City Centre – Harris Academy
Service renumbered from 1X to 1S. Change of time – 08.02 from St Marys (was 08.10) is retimed, but still arrives at the Harris at 08.40. Afternoon bus now leaves at 15.50 (not 15.45) and is retimed, but maintains arrival time at St Mayrs of 16.25. Service still schooldays only.

Services 2, 2S, 4 - City Centre – Dryburgh – Camperdown Leisure Park
Minor changes to timetable. Additional 07.26 from City Centre to Dryburgh Service 2, Monday to Friday, running via Dunsinane Avenue. 15.15 Mon-Fri journey from City Centre now continues to Camperdown every day, instead of ending at St Johns High School on schooldays.

New Services 3 – City Centre – Rankine Street – Kilberry Street - Lawside Road - Stirling Park – Hilltown Clock - Caird Avenue – Barnes Avenue – Fleming Gardens – Provost Road – Caird Avenue – Hilltown Clock - Infirmary Brae – City Centre
New Service 3A – follows 3 in reverse

These new services are part replacements for the western side of Services 7/8, plus the Barnes Avenue – Fleming Gardens stretch of Service 23/24. This service provides an hourly peak time service per direction, but not serving the Barnes Avenue/Fleming Gardens/Provost Road bit. During the day, both Service 3 and 3A operate each every 80 minutes. On Saturdays and Sundays, the new 3 and 3A each operate hourly, but not serving the Barnes Avenue/Fleming Gardens/Provost Road bit.

New Services 5A/5B – Barnhill – City Centre – Airport/Perth Road – Ninewells Hospital
These new services are replacement for Services 9X and 8X, as well as parts of Services 7/8, 9/10/11/12 – see entry under 8X/9X.

New Service 6 – City Centre – Perth Road – Blackness Road – Glamis Road – Dickson Avenue – Menzieshill - Ninewells Hospital

New service intended as part replacement for one quarter of the 9/10 service, although it is going direct form Balgay Park to the Jimmy Shand via Blackness Road and Glamis Road – i.e. the same as Stagecoach Strathtay Services 39A, 73, 73A. New Service 6 will run every half-hour, Monday to Friday off-peak only. Off-peak and weekend links not replaced, but Stagecoach Strathtay 39A, 73, 73A provides alternatives.

Service 7/8 - Inner Circle
Both services are withdrawn - see 3/3A, 14/14A, 5A/5B for replacements.

Service 8X Barnhill – City Centre – Airport – Ninewells Hospital
Service 9X Barnhill – City Centre – Perth Road – Ninewells Hospital
Service 8X is renumbered 5B, while Service 9X is renumbered 5A. Both routes will be increased to operate every 30 minutes throughout the route (daytime Monday to Saturday) and every hour evening and Sunday. The new 5A/5B will become all stop services, and the non-stop sections withdrawn. Both the 5A and 5B will pick up and the same stops in Dundee City Centre, and both 5A and 5B will run via Seagate, Blackscroft and Broughty Ferry Road in both directions. Both buses will then follow the same route via Strathern Road and Broughty Ferry Town Centre. Dundee Road (formerly covered by the 8X) will still be covered by Strathtay Service 75.

Services 9/10/11/12 – Outer Circle
These services are withdrawn in their entity – see 5A/5B, 6, 9S/10S, 11/12, 14/14A, 25/25A/26/26A for replacements.

New Service 9S, 10S – Ninewells Hospital – St Pauls Academy
The morning Service 9S is a replacement for the 08.08 Service 9A between the same points, but retimed slightly – now leaving at 08.05. The afternoon 10S starts from St Pauls Academy at 15.35, as a replacement for the similarly-timed Service 10A. An additional 10S will also operate, leaving St Johns High School at 15.32 to Ninewells Hospital. Services 9S and 10S operate on schooldays only.

New Service 11 – City Centre – Perth Road – Blackness Avenue – Pentland Avenue – Tullideph Road –Glamis Road – Elmwood Road – Charleston Drive – Ninewells Hospital
New Services 12 – in reverse of above
Provides a replacement for a quarter of the 11/12 version of the Outer Circle service. Runs half-hourly, off peak, Monday to Friday only. Peak and Saturday/Sunday links not replaced.

Service 14 – Ethiebeaton Park – Douglas – Clepington Road - Ninewells Hospital
Firstly, this service is substantially revised, to replace Services 7/8 and other withdrawn services i.e. 9/10/11/12. The section of route between Ethiebeaton Park and Baldovie Road/Sainsbury’s Claypotts is withdrawn, following poor usage. Passengers in Panmurefield will be able to use Stagecoach Strathtay Service 39 via the bus shelters on the A92, or walk thorough to Barnhill, where new bus stops will be provided for the 5A/5B, 25/25A and 26/26A. Ethiebeaton Park is served by Stagecoach Strathtay Services 39, 75, 79A/79C to/from Dundee City Centre. Right, fancy some good news? Well, the 14 off-peak is back to a bus every 30 minuets, Monday to Friday. The route will now start at Sainsbury’s bus stance (once again!), before running via Balunie Avenue, Ballindean Road, Longtown Road at Asda, then Longtown Street, Happyhillock Road, Pitkerro Road, Kingsway East, Forfar Road, before rejoining Clepington Road near Maryfield. The service will then follow the existing 14 route to/from Ninewells Hospital, but will double-run into Kingsway West Retail Park (once again!). However, Service 14 will not enter the retail park from the first Saturday in December, until the second Saturday in January. The Saturday and Sunday Service 14 will run as Service 14A, starting at Broughty Ferry, Fort Street, via Forthill Road, Nursery Road, Strathmore Street. North Balmossie Street, Balgillo Road, Claypotts Junction, Sainsbury’s, then as per weekday.

Service 15/17 – Whitfield – City Centre – Ninewells Hospital – Tesco Extra, South Road
Minor timing changes. Some Service 15 journeys extend to/from Courthouse Square in the City Centre. Service 17 journeys will run between Whitfield and Ninewells Hospital during evenings and all day on Sundays, with the section to Tesco Extra withdrawn (but see 25/25A/26/26A). In addition, the evening/Sunday Service 17 journeys will not serve Peebles Drive.

Service 17S – Whitfield – Claverhouse – St Paul’s Academy
Service unchanged.

Services 18/19/21 – Kirkton – City Centre
No changes, but a new schoolday only Service 21S variation will leave Commercial Street in the City Centre at 08.25, heading for Dundee College, Kingsway Campus.

Service 22 – Downfield – City Centre – Blackness Road – Ninewells Hospital
Service 22A – 22/22C journeys that end in the City Centre
Service 22C – Craigowl View – Downfield – City Centre – Blackness Road – Ninewells Hospital

Service 22C number dropped, all buses now show 22 or 22A. Service extended to run further into Craigowl View, via a series of roads that are all part of St Martin Avenue. Service frequency to Craigowl View increased, Monday to Friday, with a bsu every 7-8 minutes during the day. However, many of these will run as Service 22A to the City Centre only. The section towards Ninewells Hospital is reduced to every 10 minutes to “reduce overcrowding”. (???). Saturday and Sunday service remains as now, but the new route in Craigowl will be followed by relevant journeys i.e every hour Sunday, half hour Saturday.

Service 22B – Barns of Claverhouse – Downfield - City Centre - Harris Academy
Renumbered 22S. Buses still depart at the same times from each end, but the Claverhouse terminus is now at Mill O’ Mains Primary School.

Service 23/24 – City Centre – Woodside & Fleming Gardens Circular
Service revised substantially. The Barnes Avenue and Fleming Gardens sections will be replaced by the new Services 3 & 3A. Service 23 will be revised to run off-peak every 40 minutes (see 21, 21S for peak services) from the City Centre via Victoria Road, Stobswell, Dundonald Street, Court Street, Sandeman Street, Arklay Street, Clepington Road, Graham Street, a one-way loop around Woodside, before returning back to Stobswell, then onto the City via Albert Street. Service 24 number is thus discontinued.

New Service 25/25A/26/26A – Ninewells Hospital – Lochee – St Marys – Kirkton – Whitfield – Douglas (26/26A) or Gotterstone (25/25A) – Broughty Ferry (Queen Street Service 25/26, Fort Street 25/25A)
This service is intended to replace many of the links previously provided by the Outer Circular (school links will also be provided by new 9S/10S). However, the new route is a bit more unified than the previous services. The route starts at Ninewells Hospital via the Medipark, Technology Park, South Road, Buttars Loan, Liff Road, Coupar Angus Road (stopping at Camperdown Gate for the Leisure Park but all day), Faraday Street, Telford Road, Staffa Place, Macalpine Road (thus by-passing most of St Marys), right into Laird Street, Strathmartine Road, Balgowan Avneue, Derwent Avenue/Asda, Gillburn Road, Old Glamis Road, Claverhouse Road (makes no mention here of the Claverhouse bus stance), Forfar Road, Claverhouse East Business Park i.e. The Pensions Service/Jack Martin Way (25/26 only), back to Fintry Drive, Whitfield Shops, Drumgeith Road to the former St Saviours School. Service 25/25A will then run via Douglas Road, Arbroath Road (passing Gotterstone and the back of the Northern College) to Claypotts/Sainsburys, while Service 26/26A runs via Douglas Road, Ballindean Road, Balunie Avenue, Baldovie Road, to Sainsbury’s. Monday to Friday daytime Services 25 and 26 will then run in a one-way loop via Balgillo Road, Strathmore Street, Fort Street, Queen Street and Claypotts Road, whereas Services 25A and 26A will run via Balgillo Road, Strathmore Street, Fort Street and Broughty Ferry town centre in both directions. Service runs every half hour, with alternate 25/26’s during the day.

Service 28/28A/29/29A – Douglas – City Centre – Lochee – Charleston loops
Minor changes, with some additional journeys during peak times.

Service 28S - Douglas - Claverhouse - St Pauls Academy
No changes to this service.

Service 30/31/51 – Invergowrie/City Centre – Liff/Birkhill – Fowlis

Revised route within Invergowrie – runs around Greystane Road, Mill Road, Main Street, but then via Mylnfield Road (not Errol Road), Dargie Road (new), Station Road (top end – not currently served by bus, Burnside Road (not currently served by bus).

Services 32/32B/33/33A – City Centre – Forfar Road – Fintry Shops – Fintry
Revised timetable Monday-Saturday, with buses running every 9-11 minutes off peak, instead of every 7-8 minutes.

Services 36/36C – City Centre – Mid Craigie – Linlathen – Claverhouse
Additional journey from the City Centre to Claverhouse at 17.50. No change to any others.

Services 98A/98B – Peep O’ Day Lane (for Gallagher Retail Park) – City Centre – City Quay
Services are renumbered 43/44/45/45A, with timetable and routing changes.


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