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It’s been a busy little while. In a discussion with [ profile] carolinetoo, I said that we’d not stopped doing things – just I have less time to write them up. Bits appear on Facebook, Fotopic, etc., but the diary remains – as much for my benefit as everyone else!

So, we are now 25 months and 8 days together. I’ve caught up a bit with OU stuff, the TMA03 for T175 went in last night (bit late I know, but already discussed). Intend to have a look at the TMA for M150 tomorrow. LiveJournal caught up with, transport stuff to follow. Deliveries for today, everything from food to timetable books, all delivered, with more for later in the week. We were out briefly last night – on the way home from PB on Sunday, we stopped at Baldock Services on the A1[M] and Caroline liked the look of the mini pizza and unique seasoned fries from Pizza Hut Express – to have another, and get an armful of M&S stuff from the small adjacent food store. We’re in the midst of some changes – reducing a little of what we buy, plus a few other ideas to try and reduce other problems like upset tummies and stuff (stuff like buying smaller milk jugs instead of larger ones). There will be some “fairly ground breaking” stuff in weeks to come (albeit by my standards) so keep an eye out for all that.

One notable snippet – I was very tired on Monday, went to bed for a lie-down about 1900, but just lay on the bed. Energy came back, couldn’t sleep until after 0100. Very productive Tuesday. Turns out that I’d forgotten all my night pills…
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No excuse to be lazy... but it's been okay. Time allowed has been fine, and may well balance up later. Had enough time to update the other Forms and stuff today too. As well as lunch, I made a lasgane for dinner, borrowing a few tips from a post from [ profile] lips_of_tragedy - added some spice to it too, which I thought would have weakened a little. Maybe just a little.

Tonight was the first online tutorial - one of the double booking on Saturday past was postponed to online tonight (the other wasn't), and after everyone was settled, it went well enough.
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In the style of [ profile] angharads_house  and [ profile] thebustocrookes  (and now being added to by [ profile] elaine4queen ), here’s a quick ten-pointer roundup of things I’ve been getting up to, and the rest of my f-list.

1.    On the 5th November, for some bizarre reason, I was sneezing for most of the night (yes, despite closing the windows!) No idea why, especially as the local bonfire was last night (7th!)

2.    Paperwork from Open University arrived in the post this morning (typically, just after I’d chased it up), but they confirmed what I was told verbally. Both modules start on February 9th. In between, lots of stuff that makes me sound mad just thinking like that, for now…

3.    … C and I are planning on hiring a car and heading north over the holidays, including me moving out of my flat in Dundee around the same time. All that is subject to health.

4.    Speaking of which, C’s appointment for Addenbrooke’s has turned up, for not this coming week, but the next.

5.     Speaking of Mr (and Mrs) [ profile] thebustocrookes, he’s on holiday for a fortnight. Was it Mexico or Florida this time – I forgot. Anyway, they are both hot right now. So, if you miss Dougie, hopefully this ten-pointer can keep you going. I better check the Berwick results later, assuming they are playing this weekend.

6.    Following from [ profile] thermalsatsuma , [ profile] elaine4queen  has posted a recipe for Mushroom Soup, which I tried on C. I like any recipe that doesn’t give a specific time, but instead says “…When bored…” anyway, the recipe apparently came via [ profile] kirstygold , but you can read Elaine’s version here.

7.    On the evening of 6th November, [ profile] auntysarah ,[info]the_local_echo , [ profile] zoeimogen  and around 150 or so in total, formed what is more-than-likely the largest TS related protests in UK history. The protest was regarding what was seen as hypocrisy in the workings of Stonewall, by award-nominating someone who appeared not to be entirely in their beliefs. [ profile] auntysarah  explains it all here – part one and part two. If I read one of the other stories rightly, 80 people were inside the Victoria & Albert Museum – there’s defiantly strength in numbers.

8.    My mother very briefly got biblical about same-sex marriage on the phone yesterday, although it was just a passing comment, as opposed to ramming it down my throat. She’s defiantly happy about what we’re doing, which she was at pains to stress, when I asked to clarify what she meant. I think I’m as close to how she’s ever going to get, and it’s defiantly not bad at all – better than how things were a few years ago, when we could never talk about the gender stuff. Maybe she’s over it now, which would be a good thing. Anyway, it does show one thing – that if she sees me as a lesbian, then perhaps, she doesn’t see *him* anymore – and that’s defiantly a good thing, as long as it continues!

9.    Downloaded the whole album worth of current Scooter rehashes and new material, including some older classic stuff from the band. Whistling Dave appears to be their remix of the Tetris theme tune, which I had to explain to C. I thought everyone had heard of Tetris, but obviously not!

10.    And finally, following previous whinges about government servants from the JobCentrePlus team, it was nice to see the north-west London based team responsible for DLA (from the DWP – Department for Work & Pensions) turn around my form in just a few days, and arrange things quickly and speedily. When you feel this bad (sometimes), stress of things just adds to it - and I like to mention good service, not just the bad.

Mug cake!

Nov. 6th, 2008 07:47 pm
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Found this last week via [ profile] thermalsatsuma , and made one for C that evening. She loved it... unfortunatly, next one I made wasn't as good for some reason, needed a bit longer... maybe just microwave having an off-day. Anyway, enjoy!

  • Put 4 tablespoons of plain flour, 4 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of cocoa in a mug and mix thoroughly.
  • Add 1 egg, and mix well.
  • Add 3 tablespoons of milk and 3 tablespoons of oil – mix again until well combined.
  • If desired, add chocolate chips and a splash of vanilla.
  • Microwave the mug for 3 minutes at 1000 watts or 4 minutes at 700 watts (the cake will rise above the top of the mug but don’t panic!)
  • Allow to cool, turn out onto a plate if you like.
  • Apparently margarine tastes better than oil – but you have to add this before the egg and milk instead of after.

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Had a quiet morning, shower, cook lunch for Caroline and I, then C dropped me off in Royston town centre for the bank and post office, before coming back home.

Now planning the next few weeks.
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I’ve been looking back on my LiveJournal, and I forgot to mention what we got up to for C’s birthday. Just a simple quiet, long bank holiday three-day weekend, with me looking after her where possible, and trying a few new recipe ideas!
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It's been a busy day - well, over the last few days!

I have been working on some stuff around the flat, tidying up, vacuming, doing lunch for the both of us, sorting everything that's arrived this week, and beginning preperations for this weekend.
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... now back through in the study, having made us both lunch. Still sneezing now and then, but not too bad.

Feeling better, maybe 90% (if 0% is how I felt during the worst of the cold).
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It’s been quite a while since I’ve been out for any kind of professional hair removal. I’d been to Cambridge Skin & Laser back last year – in fact, when I looked back to type this, 27th April 2007 seemed about right. Now, I had intended to go back, but time and money (two commodities in short supply, esp. the latter) prevented this at the time. Caroline wanted to go in for a bit on her face (it’s been a while since she’d been there too), and she wanted to have me done at the same time – and offered to cover the costs, saying it was needing to be done. OK, the growth is a little less since surgery, but perhaps this is the right time to do it too.

So, we were due in at 1600 [yesterday, Wednesday 18th], but we arrived in plenty of time (school run traffic didn’t seem to materialise!) They’ve refurbished the place since the last time we were both there, but the coffee machine is still there! (Coffee for me, as the hot choc made me sleepy the last time!) Ruth (the woman I saw last time) was on the front desk. As it happened, the two of them were working on each other as we arrived…

… Anyway, C went first (we were seen by the woman who C had saw several times, but I can’t recall her name), so I got a reminder of exactly what was involved. In both cases, quite a bit of work was done. I was a little sensitive at the beginning (and the other woman slowed down at that point the last time) but I got over it very quickly. It wasn’t too bad. All was good! (The only slight side-effect was the goggles have hurt my left eye, and it’s a little tender under the eye. That will pass I expect).

We went from there to pop in to visit [personal profile] auntysarah and [personal profile] the_local_echo, and interrupted Sarah’s LJ posting (again) and then onto watching the snake feeding (won’t explain, but I am sure you can guess!)

After that, I offered to cook for C this evening, but we stopped at Domino’s (any size £6.99 to take-away!) on the way home.
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It has been a quiet few days. Kitchen experiments the last two evenings have resulted in a Chinese noodles stir-fry, and a variation on my chilli noodles with cooked chicken.

Today, back to Peterborough to try the passport office again... and this time. going by train (via Hitchin). C's suggestion... given the issues with the A10 earlier in the week!

Lunch time

May. 13th, 2008 01:09 pm
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Caroline just popped home for lunch for an hour, because she wasn't going to see me for a few days from tonight (Awwh, isn't that sweet?)

Not fancying anything too spicy, she had one of those  Reduced Fat Smoked Sausages, done in the microwave (not deep fried in batter!)

Anyway, she was checking her gmail, and one spam message came up. 'Would you like a bigger sausage?' said the subject line.

No, said C, because she's happy with the one she'd just finished munching on...
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Yesterday was a rather fun day, despite the soaring heat in Cambridge (no I’m not being sarcastic!) incurred on the way to work yesterday morning. We were all surprised, as it didn’t seem like three weeks since I was there last, but it had been! Mornings are busier than afternoons, and this was no different!

After leaving Milton, back to Cambridge, but off the bus at Chesterton Lane, and around to Shire Hall to pick up some timetables that I had left for me to uplift. After that, citi5 back to town, then changed to a citi1 for the next part of the trip. As a few of the passengers from the back got off, one of them asked ‘have I seen you on tv?’ Nope, not me… not unless that old cctv footage of me running into the newly-installed automatic doors at Dundee bus station early one morning has made it onto YouTube… but seriously, while questioning is a lot more rare down here, they are usually a bit more refined than some of the more cruder things that I’ve heard in my lifetime.

Anyway, popped in to see [personal profile] auntysarah, and as ever, she beat me to posting the story of our meet to her journal. We spent half an hour or so around the back, in the warm, with the sun reflecting off the fishpond. It was a very civilised way to spend half an hour, just moments away from the hustle and bustle of Hills Road, Mill Road, and Cambridge Railway Station.

So, after that, went for the 1640 26 bus back to Royston, which comes down Hills Road for the college users, so a very easy walk around the corner. Got home, C got in just seconds after I did, and I then had a further kitchen experiment with some noodles and sweet chilli sauce.

The highlight of today so far, I’ve cooked mozzarella cheeseburgers (yes I cans has!), and a further stir-fry, this time self-cook Chow Mein. Also, another soft toy has arrived, it’s a pink stress ball shaped like a pig, a reward from Pigsback – I might save up for the cuddly one, but that will take a while more, as most of the 200 points needed came from a signing-up reward.

So, we are having a quiet day now, but getting a delivery of groceries this evening, and may be out tomorrow. Monday and Tuesday I am not planning on doing too much, but Tuesday night, I am travelling up north to spend a few days in and around Dundee. Caroline is going to be driving up north Friday into Saturday, and we will meet somehow on Saturday, as we’re going to a double birthday party (C’s side of the family) on Saturday in Angus. Sunday – well, I’ve left aside a trip I’ve organised for the Anglia Bus Forum, along with a few other offers, so we can travel south in the hired car, and I may well take some more of the stuff down from my flat in Dundee, things I could not manage in a bus or train. Might get the chance to pop into Lathalmond on the way down, who knows - we'll see how things go on the day.

Longer term, June C will be away most of the time, so I will be doing some work around moving out of my flat in Dundee – I plan to leave at some stage of July. This is likely to be intermixed with days here and there too, as times change. In July and August, I would like to do a bit more work on top of what I’ve been doing recently, and ramp things up gradually once more. We’d then hope C would have a date for her surgery, and we are looking at early-mid autumn for that. After that, and once C is back in Royston recovering, I’d hope that my mind and body will both be ready for more regular hours and work, but we shall see. This has been said, assuming nothing else changes, ha ha!

(Me on TV? Well, there are some times I feel like someone (Beadle’s replacement) is going to pop out of a bush and say ‘You thought you’d came here to do xxxx,’ LOL)
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It’s a fairly nice day in Royston today – 20 degrees when we went out earlier to Tesco. We took the old digibox back, as we’ve gone through several recently (all seem to have a hard drive problem), and also returned the DVD recorder. The latter had been barely used, but seemed to like going back in time by an hour or ten. After returning the pair, and selecting a new Thomson digibox (with larger built-in hard drive amongst other goodies) and shopping for the week, we were still six pounds up on when we left the house! (Sometimes it’s good to buy things before a price crash… especially if the items also crash…)

Anyway, while browsing the milk aisle, this woman came up to us, and we started talking. Turned out she appeared to feel oppressed over her own sexuality, and she’d only told this to a handful of her closest friends (fearing the worst from religious friends if she told the rest of them!).  She initially completed us on how we looked, somewhat good-looking femme/masculine* she thought at the beginning, but I think she was trying not to use labels, and she was all very polite about it all. Very nice person, who (as we were walking away) came back, and thanked us for giving her acceptance today.

Right, got to get on with this Forum move… here goes nothing, we’ve stocked up on cold and sparklings! Feel free to keep refreshing this page, to see how it goes!

(* I can’t spell the word that she did use, and the spell checker doesn’t seem to find it either).
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Last night and today, I have been working on some add-ons for the Anglia Bus Forum. A problem with the ‘wrong language’ when I made the install of an add-on has caused an invisible hole to flood the error log every time anyone does just about anything. There will also be a new look to the front page, giving it a more welcoming opening. I’m taking the time to warn the users 24hrs in advance of tomorrow, when I will download the data, and replace it with the new prepared board. It should work fine, it did in tests. Of course, live life is completely different!

Not so warm today, and more grey outside, but no rain, no hail etc. – so tis a good bank holiday weekend for once!

I’m currently FTPing down some of the components, and then (C is currently napping) I will start on preparing lunch, for the two of us.
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As previously mentioned, an old friend of Caroline’s called Moray stopped by last night, and stayed over till this morning. Lots of talk about former work and colleagues, amongst many other subjects. As he drove onto Cambridge this morning M dropped me off at Royston Cross, and I went for a wander around the town centre.

I’d not been in Royston town centre for some time – and I don’t really known why. C mentioned this to me, that I’d not been into town recently… and yes, she’s right. So, had a look around the town (got a v. nice compliment from one store I frequent, asking where I’d been, and similar familiar smiles etc. elsewhere. Have I been in Royston that long?)

Got a new multi-ring folder from The Stationery Cupboard, before picking up lunch and stopping briefly to sit down (to catch my breath!) at the bus station at the south end of the town. While I was there, I got a picture of a new Solo for Centrebus on the 90/91 (see here) at the bus station, before walking back to Melbourn Street (snapping it again!) then back home.

After being a little bit flexible about my dates for my next set of coach bookings (and getting Cambridge – London – Dundee for £2.00 rather than over £50 [fully flex pay-on-the-day], or the £23 [funfares] I was more expecting to pay), I managed to save myself enough to buy a takeaway for the two of us tonight, which we both devoured (and yes, there is still several days worth in the fridge. That new take-away seem to do enough to feed an army!), and I concocted a mix of TVX Blue (small bottle – 275mls or so) in a pint glass, topped up with Tesco Rapsberry Crush. It’s got 5% Scottish raspberry juice in it, maybe it counts as fruit?  LOL

So, we’re now lounging around having a quiet one. I’m sat on the big double bed in ‘our’ room (I’ve taken to lying on it during the day, instead of the chair in the study which is a little wonky!), and Caroline is finishing off reading Becoming Drusilla… ☺


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