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Yesterday (Sunday) we went out to Harvester – I'm starting to enjoy the food, and C got a really nice lunch as well. In the evening, we watched Lost and Delirious, which was a fairly powerful movie! I was sure we had Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood, but we could not find it, so have requested this one next from LoveFilm.

Earlier on, I did a State of the Suzy, which I intend to do monthly. Even through only little effort, my weight is down by half-a-kilo. Does not seem like much, but I was more worried that, given everything, my weight would continue to rise substantially. I'm not that heavily built, but heavy enough.

Also mentioned in my State of the Suzy post was the fact that I'd got a letter to choose and book my own gastroenterology appointment via the NHS. The letter mentioned a choice of Saffron Walden Hospital, Addenbrooke's (Cambridge) or Lister Hospital (Stevenage). The website sounded easy enough, so I logged on after C went back to work after lunch. No appointments for any of the three of them were available! So, phoned them up, and my details have now been passed onto Addenbrooke's. In theory, I should hear within a fortnight, so I am hoping that I do. Two steps forward, one step back!

When the landlord came for their quarterly flat inspection on Thursday past, she asked me “Is everything working okay” and I mentioned the light switch between the lounge and the kitchen does not work, and has been baffling us! Well, the electrician called me up today on my mobile, and wanted to come round for a look at it – well done! It wasn't the bulb or the pendant, but a loose wire behind the switch plate.

Will be making dinner shortly!

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On Christmas Eve, I did say that we got a few things from Tesco, and two of them were mobile phones.

My current Nokia 5000 (left of picture) has a habit of locking up while in screensaver mode, so I wanted a replacement to use in the meantime, as I’m going to get it looked at under warranty. Now it’s currently on o2, and I fancied the slightly small VXI Mini (right of picture) as a spare, or to replace the Nokia temporarily. It’s basic, but it was only £18.99 unlocked. It’s also good to use to avoid more expensive phones getting damaged! At the same time in Tesco, the LG GB102 (centre) was on T-Mobile for £8.99, and I fancied it to give me more options. I will look at the mobile phones that I have in time, but for now, I’ve got choice. Caroline liked the look of the LG versus the VXI, so I bought both! (well I did have some extra Christmas cash to spend!) At the same time, bought a white “snowball” fleece jacket for £5, and two tops for £7. Latter did not fit, but the former was in a comfortable size.

So, that brought us up to the big day, and time to see how the Christmas preparations went. As you may recall from earlier in the month, I fancied a netbook computer (the smaller version of a laptop for use when travelling). Caroline took me to Micro Anvika earlier in the month, and I picked out the Acer Aspire One D250. I did not want her to spend too much on it, but never mind, it’s Christmas I guess! It has an Intel Atom N270 processor, 1GB memory, 160GB hard drive, 10.1” LCD Display, webcam, wireless and network card slot, card reader for the camera, and I was upgraded to the one with 6 hours battery life. It is worth the little bit sticking out the back, for twice the battery life. It dual-boots with Android (not used yet) or Windows 7, which I am getting used to! Not a lot different from Vista, but if you went straight from XP you might get lost. By comparison, it’s actually smaller desktop footprint than the current all-Essex bus timetable book (A4-ish) that is on the left of this comparison shot. I picked red, but it also comes in blue or black.

In addition to this, got a mouse and reversible sleeve for the netbook from C, plus other goodies from the family, including biscuits, pens and some bath stuff. So, after a quiet Christmas Day, we went out on Boxing Day. Tesco was open for the first time in quite a few years, so I used the chance to take the tops back! They were £5 each or 2 for £7, but for whatever reason I was given £10 back on my card! From there, onto Cambridge Retail Park, and we stopped at Evans. I ended up with a long pair of black boots, short pair of brown boots, and a pair of “smart shoes” for £58 the lot in the sale. After this, onto Cineworld at Cambridge Leisure for Avatar 3D, which we enjoyed. We then went to Pizza Hut, ending up with a rather large box to take home (after we couldn’t finish the pizzas!) Well, my appetite is going up and down…

… Today, is a quiet day indoors!

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We’ve been out three times in two days. Firstly, yesterday, we went out to see St Trinian’s 2, and today, Alvin & The Chipmunks – The Squeakquel. Both movies were fun, and with The Chipmunks, the UK gets a release before the US for a change! Anyway, this evening we’ve been out to the final yogic breathing class of the year, before the snow comes down!
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We went out yesterday afternoon for a new wardrobe for me (replacement for the metal clothes rail that is bending under the weight!), and we went back to National Brands Furniture. Since the last purchase two years ago, they’ve moved from Trumpington (the complex area, with the magistrates court etc. was demolished) to Sawston. Woman still recognised us as having the big car from back then (and managing to get everything in!), although the Mazda is a lot smaller, and they are delivering tomorrow.

After that, some shopping (mostly Christmas decorations), before going onto Cambridge Leisure for the cinema (2012), where I managed to lose C for a few minutes, but we resolved that before going onto Moza, who have taken over the Indian buffet outlet there.

Today, catching up with everything!
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It’s been an up & down week. I was certainly down Wednesday night, after some further correspondence from the doctor sent my long-awaited referral 400 miles to the north of it’s intended target. So, naturally, I was upset, and I felt so bad that I couldn’t carry on. However, Friday was better – even though the morning was wet, and the afternoon good at work. Saturday I was out in the morning to Royston, before going to Cineworld at Cambridge Leisure with Caroline to see Star Trek (see her post here).

I feel it’s been a bit of a “clumsy” week, and it’s maybe thanks to the two who love me most that I’m still around to tell the tale. Some weeks I can write blogs, letters etc. better than others. That said, C is beginning to wonder if it is cycling every so often. Maybe so.

All that said, I’m having a quieter day. See a few pics taken in Cambridge on Friday here, and Saturday in Royston here (latter includes pictures of the car washed!)
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Found this online book, thanks to[info] thermalsatsuma 


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