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So, the bus before the one I went for yesterday was cut (didn’t show up), and the one behind was two minutes late… the roadworks on Perth Road didn’t last long… and I managed into work, only just… and we were rushed off our feet almost all day long!
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Not a lot to say today, but I did find this at The Ticket Collector's website...

"Yes thats right people, we have gotten hold of the file which ATOC (Assocation of Train Operating Companies) would rather you not have.“Avantix Traveller” is the codename for the programme, but it is actually the whole of the UK’s National Fare Manual in Electronic format.
It has every ticket price for every journey from one station to another. It also has a list of the fare add-ons such as PlusBus and TramLinks. It also has the pricing for all season tickets. The latter which is pretty hard to get.

Why phone up National Rail Enquries, get told the wrong information yet again, when youve got this nifty file which ATOC would rather you not have!"

I'm going to have a look later... it is a zipped (or RAR archive) file, which unzips to abouut 84mb.

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A visit to Tayside House first, to speak with the “Sustainable Transport Team” at Dundee City Council (largely as a follow-up to the meeting that I had yesterday), and in discussion on transport related matters. We discussed the Service 14 issues that I’d brought up, and I explained why I did so. It’s because of those who I work with – at the moment, I spend up to five days a week with some of them, so I’d rather help where I can.

OK, picture the scene if you will. Dundee Bus Station, mid-afternoon. I’ve just collected a stock of some maps and timetables for display at work, and I’m heading there. Stagecoach Strathtay service 54 pulls in, a few moments down. It’s a Citylink coach for a start… 52433! (ex 453). We pulled out, hazard lights going, and get onto the Seagate. We have four passengers at this point – me, and three going to Perth. Driver says “Right, where do I go from here?”… and it wasn’t till we got round the corner that he found a driver who could show him how to get the hazard lights off! As you can guess, the combination of a out-swinging door and manual gearbox gave the driver a few hairy moments, but I was able to guide him through the route to the Technology Park, as well as giving him a quick verbal explanation on how to get to Perth on that journey (thankfully that trip on Service 54 is one of the easier ones to explain!)

So, I get into work a few moments down, through no fault of my own, but I feel semi-guilty for having enjoyed the entertainment.

Work was then mundane by comparison, but I think about the journey and the day ahead tomorrow, as well as seeing Caroline for the first time for twelve days.


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