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Birthdate:Jan 16
Location:Royston, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
(last updated 12th March 2010)

Hello... I'm Susanna Rebecca Scott, but please call me Suzy!

In the style of many of my friends on LJ, and some of my long posts, here’s myself in eight bullet points…

1. I am 31, and have moved in with my partner of almost three years Caroline, [info]cmmathieson, in Royston, Hertfordshire. Not the one in Glasgow, Barnsley, or anywhere else. We got together on 31st March 2007. Subsequently, I proposed to Caroline on the 8th October 2008. (yes, this does make us engaged lesbians, as if it needed to be reiterated). Suffice to say, it's made our relationship even happier.

2. This is Caroline (left in the shot) and myself (right in the shot), taken with the camera of Heather Martin out in Central London on 6th March 2010...…

3. In addition to being the administrator and founder of the Anglia Bus Forum, and Dundee Area Bus Forum, webmistress of, Dundee Buses (timetables online), Suzy's Picture Gallery, and the compiler of several books currently for sale on Lulu, I work from home as a Planning & Marketing Assistant for Woottens Luxury Travel and Tiger Line Buses. I'm also a Committee Member for BABUS, (Bedford Area Bus Users Society) and I'm also their Webmistress/Bulletin Board Administrator.

4. I also do voluntary work for The Ormiston Children & Families Trust as a Helpline Volunteer on the Prisoners Families Helpline, until the end of March when the work is expected to go to a Manchester-based group, on retender. I am also a trainee with London Lesbian & Gay Swichboard. Last year I became an Open University student, and I recently finished off Computing modules M150 and T175. At this moment, I am about to redo one of the assesements, and not currently planning any further study other than this.

5. As if Point 3 was not a hint, and the fact that I've worked for transport providers,I have an interest (some would say obsession) with some aspects of public transport. We live beside the Cambridge-London electric Great Northern line, travel when health, wealth, weather, time and circumstances allow, I still take pictures (especially of anything unusual or out of place), and travel around, as well as collecting literature and researching services and network, of local buses, long distance buses/coaches, trains, underground/subway railways, light rail/modern trams, etc.

6. If you wonder about health, well, I have inherited a (currently incurable) genetic disorder called Huntington’s. This does not lead to any problems at the moment, but I am ‘at risk’ from one day having this take over my body. In addition, I suffer from a variety of intermittent pain and fatigue (and related symptoms), as well as asthma that seems to be getting worse as I grow up. I am also a post-op transwoman. So, now you know.

7. We both previously grew up, lived and worked in Dundee (some years apart), although that's not how we met - we met up via an online support group. My main interest in Caroline was her loving heart, and that's something that has not changed throughout our relationship.

8. Feel free to leave me a comment, or add me to your f-list, let me know who you are by leaving a comment on a post, or emailing me directly.My journal is a very varied mix of personal and observations, but if you like it, then I'd be delighted for you to get in touch!

Kind regards,
Suzy xxx

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