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So, here is the A-Z of the main points of my last month or so. Pictures for most are to follow!

Cut for stuff that might be triggering! )
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The pub that I lived above in Dundee has been sold (again - didn't know it had reopened!), but it looks like they are trying to get the flats too! That should resolve the issue of eeach flat having five seperate addresses on the voting roll and/or Postal Address File...and to show how confused DCT are, they've said it's in Constitution Street, not Road!!!

17 June 2010
Loss to city’s live music scene as The Bread closes
A popular pub in the heart of Dundee has closed after the owner of the building decided to sell up.
The Bread on Constitution Street, which was also a prominent live music venue, has shut down as owners Trust Inns prepare to sell the premises to Abertay University.

The pub, which sits in the middle of the university campus, is a long-established name in Dundee and was popular with students and music lovers.

Local businessman Kenny Nicoll, who was the licensee at The Bread for the past year, confirmed the pub had closed and admitted it was a loss to the local music scene.

“I only took it on for a year to see how it would go,” he said.

“It worked quite well as a venue when you got the right bands in and in that respect the closure is a pity.

“It’s been sold to the university so that’s it as far as being a pub is concerned.

“As far as I’m aware they haven’t renewed the licence, so it’s the end of an era for a long-established Dundee pub.”

A spokesman for Abertay said the sale was still to be completed and the university has no definite plans for the building.

“We are waiting for Trust Inns to confirm arrangements with regard to their tenant first,” he said. “As for plans, we haven’t yet decided what to do with the building.

“It is surrounded by our campus on three sides, so when the chance to acquire it came up it seemed like a good opportunity that might not come round again.

“The deal isn’t concluded, so there’s no definite timescale for transfer of ownership.”

There are several privately owned flats above the pub and it is not known if the university is trying to acquire them too.

The news follows the closure of several high profile pubs in Dundee recently. Both the Old Horseshoe Bar and The Waterfront Bar have closed this month.

Trust Inns is part of the Hemway Group, led by millionaire businessman Trevor Hemmings.


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