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9. Thanks for all the cards and well-wishes so far - including another hand-made card from [ profile] lips_of_tragedy . Should get a snap of them all together at one point.

10. Car went for new tyres last week, but there is still an issue with the driving, so it will be going in for checking the shock absorbers on Tuesday (hence we both took the train to Cambridge on Friday night).
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Things to be happy/grateful for, over the last few days…
1.    We went out on Friday, for the first time in ages. Caroline wanted to see The Day The World Stood Still (this year’s version), and she’s reviewed it here.
2.    So, before hand, on Friday, we went into Cambridge for dinner, and the above movie. As C was still uncomfortably full from her works afternoon out at the pub in Chrishall (the day before!) we decided to leave the two buffet options, and have a look in Pizza Hut. We had a fairly good meal, with one of the better pizza’s I’ve had from them in a long time. The deal included a starters platter, which came with chilli sauce. I’d already ordered three of those for 99p, based on the size of the little ones you get with a takeaway never being big enough… except, we ended up with large bowls of the stuff. Meh. You can either have too much hot sauce, or not enough!
3.    I’ve also ended up with a very good offer for January’s travels – although, I’m going to get Christmas over and done with, then get back here for an appointment with Genetics, then it’s time to go north once more. Then I’ll talk about it… but thanks :-)
4.    My dad has now moved into his new care facility, and my sister is/was in hospital in Dundee, apparently with a kidney infection. No further details, but I am assuming both are well.
5.    Done the paper Christmas cards, along with 110 ABF/DABF calendars posted out. So, the total bill for the post office came to a fair whack… and re my multiple former addresses (for a year's postal redirection), the woman at local post office had a good look through it, and passed it on – so, no problems with it. Yet. The problem has been  of the post office’s making, as they’ve not made it any easier. Meh.
6.    Rail grinder the other night has kind of thrown my sleep patterns – and I’m fairly tired anyway. Still, not had it again. Recovering now.
7.    Tomorrow and Tuesday, out and about. We start our festive plans early on Saturday morning!
8.    C’s just arrived home with the Chinese, so better go. Remind me to mention the car next blog post!

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Another quiet day... and I will try and catch up tomorrow. 
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We are going out this evening - keep watching!

(Will catch up on blogging later this weekend, promise Elaine!)   
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It's been a very busy day - more of which later.

Speaking of happiness, my father's moved into his new care home, today.

Not so sure about my sister, who is apparently in hospital with a kidney infection.

Never mind, I'll catch up with the rest later on.

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Lots of happy points today - did hear back from a friend I'd not heard from in ages!
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It took me a while to get to sleep last night, and when I did, I was woken up at 0300 by the railgrinder! Couldn't sleep for a further two hours, then just on/off. So, a little tired, but not enough to sleep now.

Look on the bright side - one railgrinder and four engineering wagons, one night every so often, still quieter than my flat in Dundee!
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Today was a busy day, but the main instant happiness has to be two former colleagues now engaged!

(p.s. For those who are just joining us today, have a read here. The "x days of happiness" was a challenge. Personally, I've been happy since I fell in love with C on 31st March 2007, but that's a personal thing!)   

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Long Version -
Today’s been a mixture of good and bad. The post brought an envelope stamped Southern General Hospital Glasgow, and that immediately drew my curiosity (the one I’ve not been to as a patient!) It was a cheque for travel costs for my visit to Sandyford back on 1st July… C’s money really, as she paid it for me. After the post came, tried making the calls from the To Do On Monday list, and various engaged lines, not available, call back later, can we call you back etc. – then I couldn’t find the cheque (I had put it away “safe” in my purse), then one call back rang on my mobile, so I could call the other one, then Caroline walked in for lunch (and I’d not done anything), then we went out so I could pick up the duvet C had put in for dry-cleaning last week (and putting in my long purple coat), and bank said cheque, then posting two letters on way home. Upon arriving home, continued with planning, and tidied up study again.

Short Version –
Progress, and bad times. Good use of time, after initial confusion!
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Today's not too bad, even though it was minus one outside this morning!

So, what can I say that shows happiness? Well, I've just about finished off a little end-of-year project that I'll be mentioning here in due course. We've had the grocery delivery for the next week, and I'm not too tired right now.

Got a long list of things to do tomorrow, calls to make etc. - and working on plans for the next 4-5 weeks or so.  

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My last blog post was done on Tuesday, so I guess a brief recap would be in order. Since then, a lot, from the same location. No mileage, but a lot of work done indoors. On Wednesday, I took delivery of some model vehicles, that I’d ordered from the East London Travelshop.  Having said that, the Mercedes Citaro 453 bendi arrived with the wheelchair ramp broken off, and the rear concertina section hanging off! – so a replacement was very quickly despatched, and arrived on Friday! C was on a two-day course on Thursday and Friday, so away all day (not home at lunchtime), and on Thursday, the rest of her Christmas arrived, along with a title that I’d ordered for myself, and I was able to get all the Christmas gifts packaged up in time.

Also on Friday, the first load of Open Uni books and CD/DVD’s arrived. Saturday, and the new paper edition National Railway Timetable (2832 pages!) has arrived, with another gift for the both of us from Steve K (thanks!), along with some back issue SEC journals that I’d ordered. Other train timetables and the like have been arriving too, along with Christmas and New Year booklets/leaflets next! Today I also received my appointment from Genetics at Addenbrooke’s – it will be early in January, which was a lot quicker than I was expecting, given the letter that stated I’m in the queue (see previous comments) from Genetics. We’ve even been given a parking place badge for the day – parking spaces at Addenbrooke’s (other than the multi story car park) are thin on the ground!

Aside from what’s been coming in and going out (and from having virtually all the Christmas stuff done – maybe a little early, but with just a week and a bit to go before the start of the holidays for us, and then things will open season!), we have been making some intense plans for December and January.

So, what’s made me happy today? Well, quite a bit. The feeling of being so far ahead, instead of so far behind. The feeling that I’m already looking forward to mid-January, and it’s going to be as lightly done as possible, with as little stress - assuming all that happens in the next few weeks happens as per plan! It’s not meant to be, but for reasons that may become obvious, it is. Well, better than crying about things. I’m moving forward, not backwards or sideways, and this next 4-5 week spell brings me to a 2-3 week cushion before starting the Open Uni stuff…*,

Was that a short happiness short enough for you, Elaine? :-)

* which I’ve sort of worked out how to do it. 16 hours a week, that’s going to be after C comes home from lunch 1200-1300, and before she comes home around 1730. So, four hours or so a day, five days a week, is 20 hours, which allows for missing a day if I don’t feel up to it. It’s also a relatively quiet time, but will also allow me to flex away (if needed) for other things.
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This started when [ profile] elaine4queen  tagged me into one of her post's today (I would link to it, but it's friends only).

1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing and even if it's just a one-line post.
2. Do this everyday for a week without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same... my wishlist for the betagged is...
[personal profile] suzyscottdotcom out of sheer nosiness really, i know buses and girlfriend and clothes are pleasures, and i want to know MORE!

Okay, so as one of the eight, I have to post something for the next eight days. So, if this bores the hell out of you, sorry, but you know who's idea it was!

In the meantime, I'd take suggestions from Elaine (or anyone else) as to any aspect of my life that you'd like me to write about, and I'll get onto a post of mine late in the day.

I'm meant to tag another eight, but the majority of my f-list are busy busy busy I am sure... so, feel free to join in with this, if you'd wish...


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