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So, here is the A-Z of the main points of my last month or so. Pictures for most are to follow!

Cut for stuff that might be triggering! )
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The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away.

Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you.
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Further to my previous post with regards to new helljay friends, hello to [ profile] judo100 .

Forgot to mention last night – you can also find me and add me on Facebook and Twitter. I also sometimes use Bebo, although I’m mostly on Facebook these days.

So, why the username? Well, at the time I chose my LiveJournal user ID, suzyscott was gone. So, the next that I could think of was [ profile] suzyscottdotcom  – and that was availbile, which was a good start! You can have a look on and find out a little more about me. Beware, there will be buses!

So, why the interest in buses? Never been able to find out why. My father was a baker (when he was able to work) but he did do two weeks as a bus conductor with Dundee Corporation. We didn't have a car, so went everywhere by bus. I get the impression that I must have read a service change notice during a journey, gone in for the new timetable, and subsequently... it went from there.

The picture in my current default icon is myself on the right, with Roary The Tiger on the left. He's the Tiger Line company mascot, and very popular with passengers!
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Further to my last post, it’s been a busy time of it in the last eight days.

Thursday 25th March was a run from Royston via Centrebus Service 90 to Baldock, then Herberts Travel 391 to Stevenage. I’d not been on this one for  bit, and they had lost the contract (last day of operation to be 27/03/2010) to Cozy Travel. So, one last journey perhaps on a Mercedes 709D, and it does show how bus design has came on since the days of the Alexander AM (original)/Sprint (later – ones with raised blind boxes) design. From there, uno 634 fast to Hemel Hempstead, lunch, before Arriva 52 to High Wycombe, where it got rather wet. Arrived at HW with the rain pouring down, and piled on Woottens/Tiger Line 106 to Princes Risborough. Quick look around the town, before continuing to Aylesbury on Arriva 300. After this, waited for an hour before continuing on Service 16 to Bicester via parts of rural Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. From there, back home on an X5 to Cambridge, where C picked me up. It was a fun day, and you can see the pictures here.


Friday 26th March was a morning on the Helpline, and it was originally to be my last, although a stay of execution has been granted for now. It was also a day of several purchases, some cuddly, some edible, some wearable, you get the idea.


Saturday 27th March was an early evening on Switchboard, back home in time for a late dinner/early supper.


Sunday 28th March ended up being a quiet one, aside from lunch out.


Monday 29th March was a day working from home.


Tuesday 30th March was a late evening shift on Switchboard, which takes me up past all the tallies to complete the minimum requirement for a trainee volunteer, which means I’ll be able to have a ratification interview over the coming weeks, to remove the word trainee from my title!


Wednesday 31st March was our 3-year anniversary! We initially went out for lunch, although it wasn’t our fault, we ended up with a long wait, and inedible food. Never mind, onto Helpline, where it was intended to be our “last day” drinks. Although now it’s no-where near it, plans had still been made! So, after a last day that wasn’t, and a lunch that hadn’t been either, but we more than made up for it by visiting The Golden Curry on Mill Road, Cambridge. This is, of course, the restaurant that we attended three years previously, the day I fell in love with Caroline (and we visited then with [ profile] auntysarah and [ profile] the_local_echo ). After a really lovely dinner, car back home.


Thursday 1st April has been a day at home, with lots to do!

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You may remember last week, I introduced you to Merton. You remember, the guy who plays the piano to random strangers via online chat?

Well, Ben Folds (of Ben Folds Five fame I think) has started doing the same at gigs. See here - link contains strong language. But hey, at least they removed the penises!

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Further to my previous SOTS posts a month and a half ago, I am acutely aware that I have not done one for February yet. So, here goes with a recap of the last month and a half!

After being offered a very attractive, casual, work-from-home package to work for Woottens & Tiger Line, I've been even more busy. I must admit, the offer did take me by surprise – here was me and Michael W discussing private hire prices, and we went off onto something else! Very happy though!

Weight – at the start of the month, I initially thought the scales were lying to me! However, down by just over a kilo is not to be sneezed at!

Health – just like weight, good, with not a lot of effort from myself. Various work has helped!

Work – in addition to the above, work on Helpline will now continue locally until the end of June.

I've not forgotten about what I wanted to do this year, just doing a lot in addition to it!

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This piano freestyle guy almost makes me want to check out Chat Roulette. Kidding. - BTW contains some strong language!
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Friday 5th March was a day working at Helpline. There is a slight glimmer of hope in a meeting being held on Monday 15th to discuss plans, but beyond that, no-one yet knows what will happen, or how, with regards the transfer of the service. Back home in the afternoon, bought a few things in Cambridge to make dinner, and then prepared for Saturday. I took a few pictures in Cambridge, and you can see them here.

Saturday 6th March was the 2010 Million Womens Rise – and Switchboard had a presence in Trafalgar Square! So, we went into London, had breakfat at Camino (near Kings Cross) before continuing. Lots of fun, although cold and a bit tired towards the end! We then continued to a Spanish resturant C liked the sound of in Portobello Road, so we went out west, but (as we went in spec) we didn't realise they were closed for a private party! So, back to town on a 23 bus, until we spotted Star Of Bombay on Westbourne Grove. Good food, although I was a little tired and didn't properly enjoy it. Cab back to Kings Cross via Edgware Road and Camden Town, before a ride back to Hertford North, for a rail replacement bus back to Royston. You can see the pictures that I took here - a mix of rally/march pics and some bus stuff!

Sunday 7th March was a day to catch up and relax!

Monday 8th March was mostly working at home for Woottens, and lots of work done on the Tiger Line page on Facebook, plus promoting the service changes from 19th April. Happy International Womens Day all!



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It's been yet another busy week, with little time to explain what's gone by. I used the phrase “it's like I have my foot on the accelerator” at the moment. The last nine days have generated a huge number of miles, lots of people met, and some unique moments and challenges.

Monday 8th February Went into London to work an afternoon at Switchboard, and stopped on the way to drop off a card to the newly-engaged Malc & Ray (along with several timetables for Malc) – congratulations again! You can see a handful of random shots taken at Euston here.

Tuesday 9th, Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th February Working behind the scenes on forthcoming tours and visits for the Anglia Bus Forum and Dundee Area Bus Forum. Some interesting ones, and trying to build on previous years, by doing more.

Friday 12th February Typically, having had three days at home, everything slid to the end of the week. I went into Cambridge to work on Helpline in the morning (they are still none the wiser as to the transfer of service at the end of March), before travelling to London, to work on Switchboard in the evening. A late night, but an enjoyable day.

Saturday 13th February After a long lie, got up and prepared to go back to London, for another evening. This was to do a charity collection (or “bucket rattle”) for Switchboard. Basically, we were (mostly) dressed in pink LLGS T-shirts (hence the subject line!) and we went to 15 venues around the West End of London, and ended up raising £560 through donations, and got a huge amount of positive feedback from people we met. We had another wonderful evening, and another late night, but very enjoyable! Nabbed a few pics of the rattlers en route, which you can see here.

Sunday 14th February In the end, a quiet one. Recovering from Saturday (see above) and preparing for Monday (see below).

Monday 15th February Remember I mentioned in these posts (1, 2, 3) that today was the first day of new and revised bus services across The Fens? Well, I had an early start, and took a train to Cambridge, changing there for a Kings Lynn one. Said hello to Andy J at Kings Lynn Bus Staton, before I went on to start a day's travel on a Norfolk Green Explorer – starting with Solo 600 on the 46 to March via Islington (the Norfolk village, not the London borough!), Wisbech and Guhyrin. Managed to arrive through Wisbech in the midst of turmoil with one road closed one side, and diversions and delays. Never mind, made up the time after the diversion around Wisbech St Mary. From there, a quick changeover to refurbished Solo 602 on the new Service 34 to March Tesco, Benwick, and then back to March Broad Street, meeting Rob B in the process. After stopping for lunch at Bakers Oven (is this the one store not yet rebranded to Greggs?) and a quick browse in an adjacent bookstore/stationer, carried on with Andy J and Rob B on loaned-from-Stagecoach-for-six-weeks Volvo/PS 702 on new Service 56 from March to Wisbech, that replaced the top end of Stagecoach Service X9 from that day. After some snaps in Wisbech, and bumping into another Rob B, myself and Andy continued on Coasthopper-liveried Vario 415 on new Service 55 across the Lincolnshire boundary into Long Sutton. After crossing the road, we took Tempo 106 on Service 505 back to Kings Lynn. After that, some shopping briefly in Lynn, before taking the train to Cambridge, for a connection to Royston. We went out briefly, then back in, then back out, before settling for the night. It was a wonderful day out. The pictures really do have to be seen – do take a look here!

Tuesday 16th February A productive day, including some catching up. Like this post, for example.

So, that is my story of the last 9 days.

On top of all that: something else good, that I can't quite tell you about yet. I promise to tell you when the time is right. Suffice to say, it's good!

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On Tuesday 28th, we went out to Stevenage, initially to return my defective mobile phone to the o2 store, for repair. “Not paying attention” award perhaps, as despite having my name and address printed on the original receipt, she my name on the repair computer as Miss God! From there, back via lunch at Toby Carvery, before returning home.

On Wednesday 29th, we had a quiet day in. See what we’re doing, going out day about where possible? 

On Wednesday 30th, we both went to London. It was my first (listening) shift with my personal trainer at LLGS. We both travelled into Kings Cross by train, where I went to work (First Volvo VNL2323 on the 476), and C went off to the Apple Store, in the west end. I seem to be doing well, and have taken calls already. After work, we travelled from Islington by East London Scania 15121 on the 205 to Paddington (further First Great Western timetables - see review of the book here). The person behind the counter had never sold more than one in a shot, so had to go and find some more! They had to go through the till one at a time, as they are numbered etc. Anyway, after that, we were going to stop at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, but C decided against it (it was raining off and on, and she was getting tired), so we continued onto Victoria on London Central bendibus MAL42 on the 436. From there, I posted a few things, including the forms back to the OU, before we had an early dinner at Pizza Express - club vouchers FTW! As seems to happen quite often, we arrived when it was almost empty, but it went to people queuing up at the door to get in, as we left! From there, back to Victoria, then Kings Cross by equally bendi MA51 on the 73, then back home. When we got home, a package of three T-shirts from Little Ms Tees had arrived – an army green Cooler Than Shane, a black My Ex-Girlfriends etc., and a light blue Chapstick Lesbian. If you don’t get the latter, it comes from a certain song!

This brings me up to today – Thursday 31st December 2009, Hogmanay, New Year’s Eve, or simply the last day of year. Happy New Year for 2010, and enjoy whatever you get up to tonight, wherever you are.

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It’s been a busy week – but with less than two weeks to go until Christmas, perhaps to be expected. Some of you might have already seen some of the works – the Anglia Bus Forum 2010 Calendar and Dundee Area Bus Forum 2010 Calendar (both available for free download!), our Christmas Card writings (changed the format for the first time in ages), and of course, my new hair colour. While it seemed like an ideal time (quieter week) we had other things to do – breathing course on Monday, out to Toby at Stevenage on Wednesday I think it was, and then on Friday to PFH (citi2 bus was a lot more reliable this time – lets see how next week goes!)

Saturday was the post-training-induction at LLGS, and our group went to The Green afterwards. I had to cut this socialising short, to meet Caroline at Kings Cross, before we proceeded to a Christmas Party held in the Knights Templar off Chancery Lane. We got there early, especially as the pub was closing to the public before the opening for the event. We had a while there before continuing back to Kings Cross, for a train back to Royston, arriving 12 and a bit hours after leaving the station that morning.
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Yesterday was another day out to London (last Saturday training with LLGS, before next week’s assessment), and dinner at Prezzo in Stevenage Old Town on the way home. I’ve been enjoying the travels, as well as the training, which has encompassed a wide variety of stuff.

Today is a quiet but busy one! It’s been a very busy week, and I will admit I’ve not had as much time as I’d have liked to play around with the breathing exercises. Maybe today I can catch up.

The move of the Anglia Bus Forum took a little longer than expected, and it has all boiled down to two reasons –
1. The attachments would not work in a different directory from what they were in before (file structures on both servers were different), so I copied them across to be in a folder within a folder, like the old server, which resolved most of that. But...
2. The former host had restricted FTP to 2,000 files displayed in one go – which is why, when the files were originally downloaded that way, that they were incomplete. Managed to get the rest last night via File Manager, and the missing ones are being uploaded right now, hoping this resolves the matter!

This week is a little quieter, and here’s hoping! I’ve purchased yet more blue books (street atlases) via Philips (40% off sale!) to complete the gaps in my collection, and update the collection too. In addition to this, another first is some promotional materials (business cards etc.) for the Anglia Bus Forum and Dundee Area Bus Forum, mostly covered by some generous donations recently.
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Been a busy two days, today has largely been spent finishing off the work on the Anglia Bus Forum from yesterday's server move.

Last night, we were out for a bit at the first night of a Yogic Breathing course, that was being led by the counsellor that we've both seen recently.

This is going to be a busy week...
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As members have been advised, Anglia Bus Forum is moving to a new server - following a very kind offer from a host ran by one of our members, to reduce my costs, as well as being able to resolve a long-running niggle with the database.

So, as advised at the end of last week, today, the Forum will be down for a bit.

The current status is that the work is moving along as planned. The Forum has been closed (to enable an end point for the "old" installation, otherwise we would lose stuff!) temporaily, and the request to change the nameservers (those that tell your browser where to go) has been submitted. (With our current host I am unable to do this myself).

Keep refreshing this blog post, as I will update it over the day, with further news and updates.

UPDATE 1214: Nameservers updated.

UPDATE 1556: Not a lot else to say, most files now copied across. Should not be too long now.

UPDATE 1814: The Forum is now open once more, although some of the images etc. may still be missing. This should be resolved by around 1900.

More STV

Nov. 6th, 2009 03:48 pm
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In this post, I mentioned STV had reused one of my images. Well, I've now had word back from the media company...


I was forwarded your email regarding the use of your bus picture of our website, thanks for drawing our attention to the matter.

I did not realise that the picture had been taken from another site, as normally we only use our own material. I have had a word with the person responsible, and made clear that we should not do this again, and deleted the image from our picture archive, so it will not be used again in the future.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.

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I've been having problems with my websites, Forums etc. - tried on both connections, not currently working. Have submitted a ticket, details to follow. Keep refreshing this page for further updates.

ADDED 1105: Hi there, We are currently suffering an outage on the server '' due to a cPanel and Kernel issue regarding memory, we are currently working on the issue and will be rebooting the server once the cPanel issue has been resolved to fix the memory issue and updates are being provided here: We will update you again once this is resolved.

ADDED 1126: Quota check now finished, a few other things are being fixed now - hopefully we can reboot soon and get things back to norm.

ADDED 1145: Web has been up for about ten minutes now


Sep. 29th, 2009 08:32 pm
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Now today, I should be arriving at work, but I was off today, with various issues on the Dundee Area Bus Forum, and medical. In the end, I Managed to get the Forum issues resolved, after some emailing and phoning around!, but also, now got a response back re my wait for revision/surgery. Apparently, I'm next in the list for a slot at the Princes Royal Hosp (Haywards Heath)... which is a good way to round off what started as a bad day!

(Did that make sense?)
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The newest of my web work – Suzy’s Picture Gallery at will contain all the new pictures taken from mid-September 2009. The idea is for the new Picture Gallery to showcase the new, higher resolution pictures on the new camera, and anything else in the future.

Suzy’s Picture Skip continues as an archive, subject to host availability. I may well add a few more of the remaining pictures. This will also lead to a little bit of shuffling around. The pics that used to be on will now also join the Photo Skip, essentially as that becomes an archive. I’m clearing out some old pieces of stuff from the server, but everything else will remain as is. There may well be some future tweaks to my web stuff, as time and resources permit. While I would have liked to have remained on Fotopic indefinitely, unfortunately it’s not as reliable as it used to be!
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Thanks to [ profile] shullie for passing on a voucher web link earlier on in the week, we've just been out to Toby Carvery at Stevenage for a lovely lunch (and some grocery shopping on the journey home.) Farmfoods FTW, where else would you find authentic Scotch Pies in Stevenage?

Also had a delivery of one or two clothing items, and finally found a few items of underwear that fit - not sure why it's been such a problem recently, maybe I've just been delusional over sizes...

Now working on another web project...


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