Mar. 8th, 2010

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Changes to Service T1 and T1X
Starting Monday 19th April 2010

We are making some changes to your local bus Service T1 and T1X -
    * The 0900 Monday-Friday departure from Chesham Broadway to Aylesbury Service T1X will now run as Service T1 via Wendover and Worlds End Garden Centre, instead of the Wendover By-Pass. This follows customer requests in this area.
    * To improve on reliability in the afternoon, the 1545 Monday-Friday departure from Aylesbury to Bovingdon, HMP The Mount, will terminate at Chesham Broadway at 1620.
    * For the same reason, the 1645 Monday-Friday departure from Bovingdon, HMP The Mount, to Aylesbury will now start from Chesham Broadway at 1700.

Changes to Service T2

Starting week commencing Monday 19th April 2010
    * An additional Monday-Friday bus from Chesham at 0810, which will run via the Ashlyns School during term time at 0823. The bus will then continue to Berkhamsted 0827, Hemel Hempstead departing at 0848, arriving at Watford for 0926. There will also be an additional journey in the other direction from Watford at 0915, arriving Hemel at 0954.
    * The 1500 Monday-Friday bus from Watford Town Centre to Hemel Hempstead will extend beyond Hemel to Berkhamsted arriving 1533, then via Ashlyns School during term time at 1537, terminating at Chesham 1549.
    * The 1638 Monday-Friday service from Watford to Chesham, will terminate at Hemel Hempstead, arriving at 1718.
    * Two additional late afternoon buses have been added, as a result of public demand. A new Monday-Friday bus will leave Hemel Hempstead at 1718, arrivng Watford 1804. A new later return bus will leave Watford at 1810, arriving Hemel Hempstead 1850, Berkhamsted 1905, Chesham at 1919.
    * From Saturday 24th April 2010, we will be introducing a new hourly Saturday service between Watford and Hemel Hempstead. Buses will leave Hemel Hempstead Bus Station at 0848 and hourly until 1548, with buses from Watford Town Centre 0930 and hourly to 1630. There will be two buses starting at Chesham at 0816 and 0916 via Berkhamsted, and the last two buses from Watford will continue to Chesham.
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Friday 5th March was a day working at Helpline. There is a slight glimmer of hope in a meeting being held on Monday 15th to discuss plans, but beyond that, no-one yet knows what will happen, or how, with regards the transfer of the service. Back home in the afternoon, bought a few things in Cambridge to make dinner, and then prepared for Saturday. I took a few pictures in Cambridge, and you can see them here.

Saturday 6th March was the 2010 Million Womens Rise – and Switchboard had a presence in Trafalgar Square! So, we went into London, had breakfat at Camino (near Kings Cross) before continuing. Lots of fun, although cold and a bit tired towards the end! We then continued to a Spanish resturant C liked the sound of in Portobello Road, so we went out west, but (as we went in spec) we didn't realise they were closed for a private party! So, back to town on a 23 bus, until we spotted Star Of Bombay on Westbourne Grove. Good food, although I was a little tired and didn't properly enjoy it. Cab back to Kings Cross via Edgware Road and Camden Town, before a ride back to Hertford North, for a rail replacement bus back to Royston. You can see the pictures that I took here - a mix of rally/march pics and some bus stuff!

Sunday 7th March was a day to catch up and relax!

Monday 8th March was mostly working at home for Woottens, and lots of work done on the Tiger Line page on Facebook, plus promoting the service changes from 19th April. Happy International Womens Day all!




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